About Us

Taken in NYC about one hour before we received our adoption referrals!

So if you've landed here, perhaps you already know our story. But maybe you don't. So here you go.

Like so many couples, after many of years of great marriage we wanted to start a family. Somewhere around the same time the hubs half of the equation decided to start a children's music project, Mr. Leebot, which allowed him better gig hours (!) and an appreciative audience (how cute is it to have little tiny fans?), not to mention he was able to indulge his fondness for making quirky electro-rock music that he hoped would rock minivans everywhere.

But where were our babybots?

Hmmmm, nowhere it seemed.

Despite a lot of intervention, frustration, surgeries, travel, money, yadda yadda yadda no babybots would appear.

Always having had an interest in international adoption, we decided to pursue this road to a family. We just wanted some babybots to love...and our hearts found Ethiopia.

We are over-the-moon in love with our baby girl and our baby boy--born three weeks apart-- and cannot wait to bring them home. We're hoping for this to happen by early summer at the latest, and cannot wait for them to get to rockout to their Dad's music. It's a dream come true!